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Book ideas?

Aarhus University Press thrives on new knowledge, exciting thoughts and brilliant book ideas. Such raw material cannot be generated from within the Press. What we can do, however, is to assist our authors in transforming their good ideas and insight into exciting books of high quality. That is our most important mission.

Yes please to ideas 

You do not need to have a completed and perfect manuscript when you contact Aarhus University Press. We will be very pleased to support you as a sparring partner if you have a good idea or if you are about to write a manuscript. And yes please also to your ideas on course books within a specific field - both for university level as well as for youth educational levels such as high schools.

Yes please to manuscripts in English

To ensure that all English language publications are of the very highest standard, Aarhus University Press offer language revision by a native English-speaking editor. A significant part of our turnover is from our export, thanks to our efficient distributor, Oxbow Books Ltd. (in association with Casemate UK) in the United Kingdom and the ISD in the United States.

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Yes please to any author

We would be happy to hear from you, even if you do not have any connection to the University of Aarhus. We will be happy to work with and publish the work of anyone who can write an interesting manuscript.  

We are always eager to have a conversation with you and will consider and reply to an e-mail with your proposal and ideas. Please send an e-mail to proposal@unipress.au.dk if you have a book proposal or wish to submit a manuscript.


PhD theses and other scientific publications form the basis of our book production, but we aim at the propagation of serious material to a wider public. In all cases the Press demands a high scientific level. 

Marketing of our books 

Many of our books are reviewed and discussed in national newspapers, a fact which we are obviously very proud of. We are also proud that, in recent years, a number of our books have been covered at major television channels and that several of our writers rutinely are interviewed as experts. We have recently completed our unique series on Europe's cultural history, the six 'World Books', which, in 15 kg knowledge, have been very well received.

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Funding and royalties

In many cases the publication of purely scientific books depends on a certain amount of external subsidies. The Press can provide assistance with regard to sources of funding (grants from foundations, etc.) and production calculations to be used in applications for funding. Grants from some of these foundations will be subject to the condition that no author royalties are payable. This applies, for example, to the Danish Research Council for the Humanities and the Aarhus University Research Foundation, which predominantly provide grants to scientists and lecturers employed at the University.

Author copies

Authors will receive 25 free copies of the first edition of their book, as well as 5 copies of the second and each following edition. Authors and editors of articles in anthologies are entitled to 3 free copies. Additionally, authors and editor may purchase further copies at a reduced price.

Manuscripts and ideas for publications should be sent to proposal@unipress.au.dk.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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