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It is very important that potential readers receive information regarding our books. This applies to scientific literature as well as publications directed towards a wider public. The Press arranges a number of marketing initiatives in connection with each publication.


Approximately one month before the publication of a book, a newsletter is circulated to book stores announcing the forthcoming publication. This is not only sent to Danish book stores but also to larger Scandinavian bookstores and a few selected stores throughout Europe. The newsletter contains a resumé of the book and provides information on price, format and isbn number.

The publication of books in languages other than Danish are announced through so-called "Advance Information" letters. These are sent to our distributors in the United Kingdom and the USA, and to bookstores worldwide.

Furthermore, the Press has an agreement with a number of bookstores who receive copies of each new book on publication.

Aarhus University Press is online at bookstores all over Denmark. The titles from the Press are registered in Bibi which is a practical tool to enable bookstores to find our books elec­tronically and order the desired number of copies.


A week or two prior to publication of a book, the Press sends review copies to a number of editors in the national and regional media. Press releases encouraging journalists - both freelance and  permanent staff - to request a free copy for review and publicity purposes, are also issued at the same time. Additionally, the Press often carries out targeted marketing to relevant journalists.        

Books from Aarhus University Press are now quite visible in the daily newspapers. During the past year books from the Press have been mentioned in about 300 newspaper articles (apart from reviews in a number of professional periodicals). A number of our books have been discussed, not only on radio, but also on national TV.

Journals and periodicals

Review and publicity in scientific periodicals is of course of utmost importance for scientific books. In this regard the Press depends greatly on an author supplying us - prior to date of publication - with a list of those periodicals (and their addresses) to whom it would be relevant to send press releases and review copies of the book.


When a new book is published, we send an electronic newsletter out to those who have a subscription to that service.

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Examination copies

Often a great potential for sales is related to books being recommended by lecturers/teachers, or even placed on the curriculum. For that reason the Press often supplies free copies to relevant key persons. In such cases we depend enormously on an author's help.

Press reviews

Aarhus University Press subscribes to a press-cutting service, which on a continuous basis provides us with reviews and publicity in Danish newspapers and weekly magazines. Periodicals will normally send two copies of a review to the Press. We then copy these press cuttings, gather them, and send them on to the relevant author.

Sales and distribution

Since 2002 the Press cooperates with a salesperson who visits a large number of Danish bookstores during the spring and autumn, and presents the year's publications.

Similarly, the Press has distributors in the United Kingdom, Oxbow Books Ltd. (in association with Casemate UK), as well as the United States, the ISD Company. These distributors maintain close contact with the most important academic bookstores and universities. In cooperation with the Press, our distributors are responsible for the marketing of our titles in the USA and UK. They participate in conferences where our books are presented. Additionally, our titles are included in our distributors' catalogues and flyers. 

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In other countries, the Press itself takes care of the marketing through a considerable number of bookstores.


From time to time the Press produces a number of flyers or theme brochures in which the publications of the Press within a particular field (archaeology, literature research, history, or theology) are collected and presented. These flyers are distributed with relevant books and as inserts in periodicals.

Furthermore, flyers are produced for individual books. These flyers are occasionally mailed through bookstores to a couple of thousand credit customers, while in other cases they are used for sales promotion at relevant congresses and are sent by mail to the relevant target group.

Web site

Information about the Press is available on our homepage. It is possible to look through our catalogue and purchase our publications. We welcome authors, editors and contributors who wish to have their e-mail address and link to their web site presented on our web site. Information may be mailed to the web-editor of the Press.

Please e-mail our web-editor.

Book fairs and congresses

The Press participates in the Forum Book Fair in Copenhagen and the International Book Fair in Frankfurt, and occasionally in other book fairs.

At larger conferences and congresses (European Consortium for Political Research and American Library Association) the Press displays books of interest to the participants, usually in cooperation with other publishing houses or with a bookstore from the host country.


All publications from Aarhus University Press are registered in the Danish National Bibliography: Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Stats­biblioteket, and the Library of Congress (Washington) all receive copies of our books.

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