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Health isn't just about carrots!

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About the book

Health isn't just about carrots!

54 minutes

The film describes the idea and practice behind The Danish Health Promoting School Project to give inspiration to future health education, including the growing number of schools that participate in regional networks.

The Health Promoting School refers to the school having an obligation in relation to society in the future. The challenge consists of the students ability to manage their own lives as well as influencing living conditions in their surroundings in a health promoting way. This leads to an idea of an education based on a broad health concept, which includes WHO's definition of health.

The development project - coordinated from The Royal Danish School of Educational Studies, Research Center for Health and Environmental Education - has been carried out at 11 primary schools and 5 secondary schools in the period 1993-96 and is being continued in regional networks. The schools have worked from three main criterior:

- that each student develop action competence

- that the school works with the local community

- that the school includes an international dimension.

The project is part of a larger European network, coordinated by WHO, The Council of Europe and The European Commission.

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