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Telephone: +45 53 55 05 42
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Staff at Aarhus University Press


Carsten Fenger-Grøndahl


Telefon:29 86 27 60

E-mail: cfg@unipress.au.dk

Carsten is a historian of ideas and was deputy head of the Press before becoming director in 2013. When he occasionally rises from his chair, he takes extended trips to the Middle East, sits as a member of the Publisher Association's board of directors or produces travel books with competing publishers.


Søren Mogensen Larsen

Editorial Manager

Telefon:53 55 04 30

E-mail: sml@unipress.au.dk

MA in comparative literature. Søren works primarily with the travel books series Vide verden and the series Reflections [Tænkepauser]. He began his career as an editor at the Turbine publishing house, but a maternity cover opened the door to the university press.


Sanne Lind Hansen


Telefon:53 55 07 59

E-mail: slh@unipress.au.dk

MA in ethnography and classical archeology, and trained from the Danish School of Journalism. Sanne works primarily with the travel books series Vide verden and publications in anthropology, archeology and early history. She is also responsible for foreign sales and commission agreements, and is the longest serving editor at the Press. A generation ago, she was employed at Antiquities at the National Museum.


Rikke Kensinger

Sales, marketing and PR

Telefon:53 55 05 86

E-mail: rk@unipress.au.dk

MA in Scandinavian languages and literature For years, Rikke worked as an editor at the Press and was responsible for the series 50 højdepunkter. Today, she no longer edits books but spends her time on communications, sales and marketing. She has a background as an expatriate Dane with jobs in the journals department at Cambridge University Press, teacher of English as a foreign language and project worker at art museums in the US.


Henrik Jensen

Editor and sales

Telefon:53 55 06 67

E-mail: hj@unipress.au.dk

MA in comparative literature. Henrik is the prime mover in our annual participation at BogForum and is responsible for outreach initiatives such as conferences, exhibitions, special and general sales. He primarily edits books on literature and the series Verdensliteratur and UNIVERS. Henrik started work at the publishing house as a young intern in 2007.


Cecilie Harrits


Telefon:53 55 05 83

E-mail: cha@unipress.au.dk

MA in literature and art history and a trained teacher with main subjects in Danish and special education. Cecilie's responsibilities are education, psychology (including two new series, Pædagogisk rækkevidde and Didaktiske studier), history of art and collaboration with art and cultural museums. She has previously worked with communication, development and knowledge sharing. Before she came to the Press in the fall of 2014, she was a teacher in elementary school.


Karina Bell Ottosen


Telefon:53 55 05 26

E-mail: kbo@unipress.au.dk

MSc in Information Science Karina is responsible for social sciences, development of the series Nordic Welfare and SMV (Små og Mellemstore virksomheder), sale of rights and internal work processes. Karina has worked for many years as an editor at Gyldendal Academic and the publisher Ajour, and has been an information specialist before she chose to come to the Press in the fall of 2015.


Anne Hasseriis Jensen


Telefon:53 55 07 61

E-mail: ahj@unipress.au.dk

As the Press’s longest serving employee Anne took her trade exam in 1988 and was trained as an accountant at the Press in 1990. She knows all the good old stories.


Pia Sandholm Olsen


Telefon:53 55 05 42

E-mail: pso@unipress.au.dk

Pia is responsible for subscriptions, billing and distribution, and she keeps track of the publisher packers. She has a clerical background and celebrated her 25th anniversary at the publishing house in the fall of 2015. She knows alarmingly many ISBN numbers by heart.


Gitte Mariager


Telefon:53 55 06 28

E-mail: gm@unipress.au.dk

Gitte is responsible for managing the Press website, e-books, booksellers online services and incoming manuscripts. She has a penchant for Italian and Italy, where she trained and worked. In 2006 she came to the publisher from the tourist industry.


Dave Kensinger

Digital development and tech support

Telefon:53 55 08 95

E-mail: dk@unipress.au.dk

Particular responsiblility for digital development and e-books. Dave has a bachelor in aviation and space technology and a masters in military history and international relations from his former life as a fighter pilot. He is a big fan of complicated spreadsheets and mathematical formulas.


Anette Stoffersen

Project Editor

Telefon:27 15 97 75

E-mail: as@unipress.au.dk

MA in history and art history. With 30 years of experience as an editor in history, art, photo art, culture and travel (but also mushrooms, cheese, schnapps and wine), Anette is a versatile editor, who has just finished the major work Dansk skolehistorie and now works primarily with two new major works, Dansk sproghistorie 1-6 and Ludvig Holbergs skrifter 1-22.


Peter Bejder


Telefon:53 55 01 59

E-mail: pb@unipress.au.dk

Historian and trained from the Danish School of Journalism. Peter is currently working on the project Danmark bliver moderne. 1900-1950 and 100 på 1.000. For more than 25 years he has lived on teaching, editing and writing books, teaching materials and travel guides. He is a passionate fan of West Ham from East London.


Lea Albrechtsen

Project editor

Telefon:27 63 89 19

E-mail: lea@unipress.au.dk


Susan Thraentoft Kristiansen

Editorial assistance


E-mail: susan.t.kristiansen@gmail.com


Frida Bejder Klausen

Editorial assistance


E-mail: fbk@unipress.au.dk

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