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Fins de Siècle/New Beginnings

A part of the series The Dolphin (31) and the subject area

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256 pages
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About the book

The turn of the 20th to the 21st century provides an excellent vista for a look into language, especially the English language, literature, cultures, economics and European studies. Several essays deal specifically with issues of the 1990s, but others provide a contrast by looking into issues of the 1890s and one looks at 1000 AD. This is an excellent book for an educated overview of what we can expect in the new century.

Contributors debate the significance of the ends and beginnings of centuries and millennia and touch on the controversy over when these actually occur, the end of the 99 year or the end of the 00 year. As an example of its wide-ranging focus, literary interpretations of the millennium are analyzed from the standpoint of social sciences and vice versa.

The contributors were chosen not only for the quality of their individual work but for their capacity to offer unexpected new perspectives on a topical and much-debated theme.

Table of contents

Introduction, Ib Johansen

Part One. AD 1000:
Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian Attitudes to 999/1000 AD, Richard North

Part Two. The 1890s:
Fictional Constructions of Female Vampirism in the Nineteenth-Century Fin-de-Siècle Crisis of Masculinity and Its Modernist Aftermath: Bram Stoker
Joseph Conrad, D.H. Lawrence, Per Serritslev Petersen
Root Music: Occult Notions of Identity in W.B. Yeats and Contemporary Social Criticism in Ireland, Michael Böss
Salomé and the fin du globe: Oscar Wilde's Decadent Tragedy, Robert Rix

Part Three. 1890s/1990s:
American Specters: Two Versions of Ghostliness in American fin-de-siècle Culture, Ib Johansen

Part Four. Approaching 2000 in Literature:
The Apocalyptic Predicament: Timothy Findley's Predetermined Novel, Norman Ravvin
Feminist Aesthetics at the Threshold of the New Millenium: The Questioning of "Feminine Essentialism" from Emily Dickinson to Julia Kristeva, Sylvia Mikkelsen

Part Five. The 1990s/2000. Interdisciplinary Approaches:
In the Meantime: Nation in New Labour's Millennium Countdown, Cheralyn Mealor
Globalization - A Catch-all Concept for the End of the Millennium, Jan Ifversen
Fear Amidst Plenty: The Duality of Economic Optimism at the Close of the 20th Century, Jamsheed Shorish
Linguistic, Mental and Biological Laws, Anjum P. Saleemi

Part Six. The 1990s/2000. Ends, Idiocy, Beginnings:
No Ground to Stand On, Graeme Thomson

Notes on Contributors