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De pædagogiske fags grundlag og anvendelse

A part of the series Asterisk (12) og the subject area


Thank you for your interest in De pædagogiske fags grundlag og anvendelse: . The book will be released 25. September 2017. If you complete this form, we will let you know when the book is available for ordering.

Thank you for your pre-order. We will let you know when De pædagogiske fags grundlag og anvendelse: is available for ordering on 25. September 2017.

132 pages
ISBN 978 87 7184 353 8



More about the book

Cecilie Harrits


MA in literature and art history and a trained teacher with main subjects in Danish and special education. Cecilie's responsibilities are education, psychology (including two new series, Pædagogisk rækkevidde and Didaktiske studier), history of art and collaboration with art and cultural museums. She has previously worked with communication, development and knowledge sharing. Before she came to the Press in the fall of 2014, she was a teacher in elementary school.

Cecilie Harrits


Telephone: 53 55 05 83


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