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Thank you for your interest in Happiness: . The book will be released 15. May 2021. If you complete this form, we will let you know when the book is available for ordering.

Thank you for your pre-order. We will let you know when Happiness: is available for ordering on 15. May 2021.

60 pages
ISBN 978 87 7219 186 7



More about the book

About the book

This man has found happiness. His, yours, and mine. Unlike the rest of us, Christian Bjørnskov, happiness researcher at Aarhus University, knows what we mean when we talk about being happy. There is the fleeting kind – like when our team wins, for once. The crucial long-term kind. The kind we find with that special someone or feel when reality surpasses our expectations – until we raise the bar, again. There is even the kind of happiness money can buy, provided we spend it on or with other people. Except our children, who don’t really make us happy until they move out.

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