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Field Guide to Palms in Papua New Guinea

- with a multi-access key and notes on the genera

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79 pages ill.
ISBN 87 87600 55 2

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About the book

Within Southeastasia there are over 1,000 species of palms and two centers of diversity. Sumatra, Borneo and the Malay Peninsula constituites one such center. The other is the world’s second largest island, New Guinea, which is estimated to have over 300 species.

This guide to Papua New Guinea palms contains a multi-access key which is very flexible and easy to use even though information is sparse. It is based on 42 simple characters. For each of the 31 palm genera in Papua New Guinea the book contains notes on variation in form, distribution and use.

Table of contents




Map of Papua New Guinea

Character Explanation

How the Multi-Acess Key Works

Palm Genera in Papua New Guinea

How to Collect a Palm

List of References

Index to Scientific Names

Palms Cultivated in the National Botanic Garden, Lae


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