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Telephone: +45 53 55 05 42
E-mail: unipress@unipress.au.dk

Manuscripts and ideas for publications should be sent to proposal@unipress.au.dk.

Staff at Aarhus University Press

Carsten 18.jpg

Carsten Fenger-Grøndahl


Telefon:+45 29 86 27 60

E-mail: cfg@unipress.au.dk

Carsten is a historian of ideas and was head of publishing before becoming publishing director in 2013. Together with his wife he has written and taken pictures for a number of books and newspapers. Carsten sits as a member of the Publisher Association's board of directors, Danish Cultural Institute and Europa Nu, and he is the chairman of the board of directors of Videnslyd A/S.


Ulrik Hvilshøj

Publishing Director

Telefon:+45 51 99 60 50

E-mail: uhv@unipress.au.dk

MA in Linguistics. Tasks within strategic and editorial management, fundraising, logistics, IT, HR and administration. Ulrik has previously been managing director of Gad Publishers and chairman of the board of Danish Publishers Association.


Søren Mogensen Larsen

Editorial Director

Telefon:+45 53 55 04 30

E-mail: sml@unipress.au.dk

MA in Comparative Literature. Søren primarily works with the series Reflections and sets the agenda for the editing together with the individual editors. He began his career as an editor at the Turbine publishing house, but a maternity cover opened the door to Aarhus University Press.


Iben Borup Nielsen

Head of Accounting

Telefon:+45 53 55 07 72

E-mail: ibn@unipress.au.dk

With a MA in Accounting and as head of accounting at the press, Iben has control of finances and she knows her way around Navision, Jet Reports and Microsoft Excel sheets. She came to the press in 2018 from a job in the food sector and she has also previously worked at Johnson Controls on her resume.


Sanne Lind Hansen


Telefon:+ 45 53 55 07 59

E-mail: slh@unipress.au.dk

MA in ethnography and classical archeology and trainedat the Danish School of Journalism. Sanne primarily works with anthropology, archeology and early history. She is also responsible for foreign sales and commission agreements, and she was once employed at the National Museum (Antiquities).


Cecilie Harrits


Telefon:+45 28 40 50 30

E-mail: cha@unipress.au.dk

MA in literature and art history and a trained teacher with main subjects in Danish and special education. Cecilie's responsibilities are education, psychology (including two new series, Pædagogisk rækkevidde and Didaktiske studier) and history of art. She has previously worked with communication, development and knowledge sharing. Before she came to the press in the fall of 2014, she was a teacher in elementary school.


Karina Bell Ottosen


Telefon:+45 30 70 11 68

E-mail: kbo@unipress.au.dk

MSc in Information Science. Karina is responsible for the development of international collaboration and the company’s appearance in foreign countries – i.e. co-publishing, making contact with distributors, sales rights and distribution of digital material. Karina is also responsible for social sciences and the development of the series The Nordic World, and she has worked for many years as an editor at Gyldendal Academic and the publishing house Ajour.


Thomas Oldrup


Telefon:+45 53 55 01 59

E-mail: to@unipress.au.dk

MA in History and Rhetoric. Thomas is responsible for the company’s historical publications and he primarily works with the project 100 danmarkshistorier [Focus on Danish History], which in addition to book publications includes knowledge dissemination through a number of partners. He has previously been the Danish editor of the magazine Alt om Historie.


Maria Schaldemose Kristensen


Telefon:+45 31 17 66 78

E-mail: msk@unipress.au.dk

MA in History of Ideas with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Rhetoric and Communication. Maria is responsible for the company’s scientific publications and especially the development of the series ScienceFaction. She previously worked with communication management, strategy and education. Before she came to the company, Maria worked at Energimuseet and as a high school teacher.


Anne Hasseriis Jensen


Telefon:+45 53 55 07 61

E-mail: ahj@unipress.au.dk

As the press’s longest serving employee, Anne took her trade exam in 1988 and was trained as an accountant at the press in 1990. She has been at the company since it only employed three staff members and had one computer for sharing, and when the annual income was six figures.


Pia Sandholm Olsen

Administrative assistant

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: pso@unipress.au.dk

Pia is responsible for subscriptions, billing and distribution, and she keeps track of the press’s inventory clerks. She has a clerical background and celebrated her 25th anniversary at the publishing house in the fall of 2015. Pia knows the company’s 2000 books in the back catalogue better than anybody else.


Dave Kensinger

Digital development and tech support

Telefon:+45 53 55 08 95

E-mail: dk@unipress.au.dk

Bachelor’s degree in aviation and space technology and a master’s degree in military history and international relations. Dave has a long career as a fighter pilot in the American air force and as a project manager at Terma. Complicated spreadsheets, mathematical formulas and IT systems are Dave’s home ground.


Pernille Boll Vestergaard Jensen

Marketing Coordinator

Telefon:+45 53 55 06 28

E-mail: pje@unipress.au.dk

MA student in Aesthetics and Culture. Pernille is an assistant in the marketing department. She helps with various tasks, but works primarily with the press’s newsletters, website, and social media accounts. She loves everything that has to do with gender and culture, so in her spare time she works as an editor at a feminist magazine called Friktion.

Amalie H.jpg

Amalie Heidmann

Marketing Coordinator - on maternity leave

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: ahe@unipress.au.dk

MA in Modern Culture and Cultural Information. Amalie is born and raised in Aarhus, but she has lived in Copenhagen for a number of years, where she has worked at Gyldendal. As marketing co-ordinator, Amalie is in charge of the press’s newsletters and profile on social media.


Henrik Jensen

Project Editor

Telefon:+45 53 55 06 67

E-mail: hj@unipress.au.dk

MA in Comparative Literature. Henrik primarily edits books on literature and the series Verdenslitteratur and Miljøbiblioteket. Henrik started working at the publishing house as a young intern in 2007 and has overseen many different tasks in the company.


Anette Stoffersen

Project Editor

Telefon:+45 27 15 97 75

E-mail: as@unipress.au.dk

MA in history and art history. With 30 years of experience as an editor in history, art, culture and travel, Anette is a versatile editor, who among other things, has overseen the major work Dansk Skolehistorie 1-5 and Ludvig Holberg’s principal works 1-22. She now works with publications such as Dansk Sproghistorie 1-6 and Dansk Bibliotekshistorie 1-2.

Leif V.S. Balthzersen

Leif V.S. Balthzersen

Project Editor

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: lvsb@unipress.au.dk

MA in Musicology. Leif has been music director for Sønderjyllands Symphony Orchestra and Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, ensemble manager for Aarhus Sinfonietta and is Chairman of the Board of Aarhus Summer Opera. He has also taught at universities, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Den Jyske Opera, colleges, Folkeuniversitetet, among others.

Søren Hein Rasmussen.jpg

Søren Hein Rasmussen

Project Editor

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: shr@unipress.au.dk

Søren is a historian with 25 years of research experience at Aarhus University. In 2015, he became an independent researcher and game developer, but he still writes books and articles on various topics, but primarily in the field of modern history and popular culture. Søren especially edits books about history.

Jakob Vestergaard

Jakob Vestergaard

Project Editor

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: jav@unipress.au.dk

MA in Media Studies and Multimedia. Jakob works as a project editor and for several years he has been a travel editor for Dagbladet Information, and an independent publisher running his own micro-publishing house. Jakob previously worked as an editor for Politikens Hus and as a media researcher for Danmark Radio (DR).

Lisette Agerbo Holm

Lisette Agerbo Holm

Project Editor

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: lah@unipress.au.dk

Lisette holds an MA in Comparative Literature and was trained at the Danish School of Journalism. Lisette works freelance as an editor of fiction and non-fiction, and as a translator of young adult literature and children's books. As an author of non-fiction for 1st-3rd grade children, she has written books about everything from cute bunnies to Martin Luther.

Bjørn Rabjerg.jpg

Bjørn Rabjerg

Project Editor

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: bra@unipress.au.dk

MA in philosophy with a minor in Danish, Bjørn also holds a PhD in philosophy of religion. Since 2010, Bjørn has worked as a researcher at the Department of Theology at Aarhus University focusing on theological and philosophical existentialism, in particular studying K.E. Løgstrup and Søren Kierkegaard.


Ane Martine Lønneker

Project Editor

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: aml@unipress.au.dk

Ane Martine holds a PhD in Comparative Literature and Aesthetics and Culture. Martine works as a freelance editor. She is also a university teacher and has taught comparative literature and communication. When she’s not in her office thinking about the shape and flow of words, she often sings classical choir music.

Mathilde.JPG (1)

Mathilde Bebe Clausen

Editorial assistance

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: mbe@unipress.au.dk

Mathilde studies theology at Aarhus University. She started her career at the Press as an employee in the warehouse, but is now working as an editorial assistant, primarily on the book series 100 danmarkshistorier. Mathilde has previously studied comparative literature, and has also worked for a period of time at The Danish Seamens Church in Hamburg. When not at work, Mathilde indulges in the cultural life of Aarhus.


Astrid Sletten Rybner

Marketing Assistant

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: asr@unipress.au.dk

Currently studying Cognitive Science. Before Astrid moved to Aarhus, she worked as Editorial Assistant at the publishing house Lindhardt & Ringhof Uddannelse. She is very interested in the brain – especially how it learns – and she is therefore engrossed in dissemination of knowledge.


Silja Sørensdottir Bertelsen

Marketing Assistant

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: sbe@unipress.au.dk

Silja is currently studying art history at Aarhus University and works as marketing assistant. Primarily, she updates the website, social media and is a part of customer service. She has a great interest in danish contemporary art and is devoted to working with digital design programs as well as conveying art at a level where everyone feels included.

IMG 5971 (2)

Amalie Bluhm Petersen

Editorial Assistant

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: abp@unipress.au.dk

Amalie is currently studying English Literature and Language at Aarhus University and works as an editorial assistant. Words and knowledge are great interests of hers and she enjoys exploring the world of words through writing poetry. When she isn’t working, she likes to engage with the cultural life of Aarhus – most preferred, is a visit to the art museum ARoS. Earlier, Amalie has worked in the Danish bookstore Arnold Busck for a couple of years.

IMG 5949 (2)

Julie Pedersen

Editorial assistance

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: jup@unipress.au.dk

Julie is stud.mag. in English and commenced her career at Aarhus University Press as a warehouse employee. However, she is now employed in the office as an editorial assistant. She is a bookworm with a special interest in foreign cultures and international cooperation and has in addition been on exchange in the US.

mia (002).jpg

Mia Gaudern

Copy Editor

Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: unipress@unipress.au.dk

Mia holds an MPhil in Culture and Criticism from the University of Cambridge and a DPhil in English Literature from the University of Oxford. She carries out language revision and proofreading for the press, mainly on archaeology and sociology texts. Mia lives in Oxford, England, and Is Deputy editor of the Oxford University Gazette

Heidi Flegal.jpg

Heidi Flegal


Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: unipress@unipress.au.dk

MA in Applied Languages from Aarhus University in 1992. Freelance since 1999. Her surname hints at her American origins and the mixed upbringing in Pennsylvania and Denmark with two native languages. She often translates into English, as when helping to adapt and translate selected titles in the Reflections series.

Hans Ørbæk.jpg

Hans Ørbæk


Telefon:+45 53 55 05 42

E-mail: unipress@unipress.au.dk

MA in Comparative Literature and medieval and renaissance studies. Hans is an external proofreader for many of our publications, from the small Reflections [Tænkepauser] to the comprehensive works of Ludvig Holberg. He has previously translated the medieval Latvian epos "Waltharius" into Danish and in 2014 he started his own proofreading agency, Errata.

Søren M. Tekst (4)

Søren Schultz Jørgensen

Editor-in-Chief of Vid&Sans

Telefon:+45 40 60 51 24

E-mail: ssj@vidogsans.dk

PhD in Media Sociology and Master of Science in Political Science. Professional experience includes co-owner of the media company Kontrabande, Editor-in-Chief and Head of Development of Ugebrevet Mandag Morgen. Søren is heading up the development of the science-centric news media Vid&Sans that is launching in the autumn of 2021. Board member of The Danish Film Institute and Den Fynske Bladfond.


Maja Jensen

Journalist and Project Developer for Vid&Sans

Telefon:+45 28 10 56 28

E-mail: maj@unipress.au.dk

Maja has a master’s degree in Media Studies and is part of the team that is building the science-centric news media Vid&Sans. Maja has worked as both host and programme producer of Videnslyd's popular science programme Kraniebrud which is broadcast on Radio4. She has also hosted and produced programmes for Videnslyd’s podcast series for 15 to 25-year-olds Heads Up!. At Vid&Sans one of Maja’s focus areas is to ensure a strong sound profile.


Anne Engedal

Director of Videnslyd

Telefon:+45 60 16 98 30

E-mail: aen@fuau.dk

MA in Philosophy and Literature. As director of Videnslyd, Anne is responsible for the overall flow of all productions, finances and communication. If you have an idea for new productions or projects, she is the one to call. Before she helped found Videnslyd, she was editor of philosophy and religion at Folkeuniversitetet and is a board member at the web-based media Solidaritet.dk.


Mikkel Krause

Program Editor of Videnslyd and main producer of Kraniebrud

Telefon:+45 21 60 02 24

E-mail: mkj@unipress.au.dk

Journalist with three decades of radio experienceat DR’s P1, where for a number of years he hosted daily programs such as Apropos and P1Morgen. Mikkel Krause is program editor at Videnslyd and the main producer of Kraniebrud. In addition, he has worked as editorial secretary, producer and researcher on TV productions for DR1. Mikkel has past working experience at the theological studies at Aarhus University.

Andrew foto.png

Andrew Davidson

Podcast Editor of Videnslyd

Telefon:+45 29 80 85 56

E-mail: ada@unipress.au.dk

MA in English and Music Culture. Andrew works as producer and presenter at Videnslyd with a special focus on our nature program Vildspor. When he’s not in the field with a microphone, he’s often absorbed in editing it all together, or keeping an eye on the program’s hosts in the studio. Andrew has both Danish and Australian roots and is the vice president of Center for Podcasting.


Kasper Wegener Friis

Producer at Videnslyd

Telefon:+45 42 42 74 36

E-mail: kpf@unipress.au.dk

Kasper is a journalist and has several years of experience from a wide range of editorial offices in DR and from his own communications firm. At Videnslyd he mainly works as a researcher and producer on our science program Kraniebrud, and he always leaves work happy because every workday features new knowledge satisfying his voracious curiosity.

Emil H.png

Emil Hoffmann Nielsen

Host of Videnslyd’s ‘Kraniebrud’ on Radio4

Telefon:+45 60 93 07 27

E-mail: eni@unipress.au.dk

Emil hosts Videnslyd’s science program Kraniebrud, which is broadcast daily on Radio4. Emil has a background in the natural sciences and alongside technical topics this is where he feels the most at home intellectually. However, his curiosity also extends to the social sciences and history – especially to archeology. In the past, Emil worked on several projects communicating science to children.


Ditte Maj Gregersen

Host of Videnslyd’s ‘Kraniebrud’ on Radio4 (Leave of absence)

Telefon:+45 21 42 98 49

E-mail: dmg@unipress.au.dk

Ditte is the host and producer of Videnlyd’s science program Kraniebrud, which is broadcast every afternoon on Radio4. She has a master’s degree in Danish and Drama and has studied in both Copenhagen and Aarhus, and for 11 years she has worked as a high school teacher in Funen and Jutland. However, as the listeners of Radio4 know, her Copenhagen origins are hard to hide.


Rasmus Ejrnæs

Host of Videnslyd’s ‘Vildspor’ on Radio4

Telefon:+45 20 20 58 29

E-mail: rasmus@bios.au.dk

Rasmus is a senior researcher at the Institute of Bioscience with a PhD and 25 years of experience researching biodiversity in Denmark. He is passionate about enlightenment – both making his own discoveries and communicating them to the public. Alongside his career as a researcher he has written many popular scientific books and newspaper columns.

Emil S.png

Emil Skovgaard Brandtoft

Field reporter for Videnslyds Vildspor on Radio4

Telefon:+45 23 36 90 47

E-mail: esb@nathist.dk

Emil is a trained biologist from Aarhus University specializing in Danish butterflies. A big part of his spare time is devoted to bird watching and he is especially fond of studying bird migration in the Spring and Fall. Emil is employed in the communication department at the Museum of Natural History in Aarhus, where he is the project manager of "99 arter at se, før du bliver voksen". Together with his girlfriend and co-reporter at Vildspor he runs the blog Naturhistorier.dk


Lærke Sofie Glerup

Field reporter for Videnslyds ‘Vildspor’ on Radio4

Telefon:+45 92 44 46 52

E-mail: lsgh@fuau.dk

Lærke has a master’s degree in Biology with a minor in journalistic writing. When she’s not out in the field recording Vildspor, she is the editor of natural sciences at Folkeuniversitetet. In her spare time, she is often out in the field with her boyfriend and co-reporter Emil. Together they run the blog Naturhistorier.dk, where you can read about their experiences with nature.


Emma Elisabeth Holtet

Producer at Videnslyd

Telefon:+45 26 99 13 56

E-mail: eeh@unipress.au.dk

Emma is a producer at Videnslyd, working mainly on the two Radio4 programmes Kraniebrud and Vildspor. She has a bachelor's degree in Theatre Studies and is currently finishing her masters degree in Analytical Journalism at Aarhus University. Besides her interest in theatre and radio Emma has a particular passion for British comedy and North Greenlandic culture.

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