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Key words

The Press is characterized by:

  • Outstanding research publications for academic communities around the world
  • Transformation of research into trade books for the general reader
  • Knowledge dissemination on multiple platforms, from radio to apps
  • Collaborative partnerships for maximum outreach
  • Top-quality book craftsmanship
  • The strongest English publishing line in the Nordic region
  • Membership of the Association of University Presses (AUPresses)


Aarhus University Press is a not-for-profit publisher of scholarly literature and mainstream non-fiction publications. Our aim is to disseminate knowledge. All academic and popular books undergo rigorous editorial support, attentive quality control and diligent design processes, and they share a strong academic base. All publications are peer reviewed.

Aarhus University Press is the largest university publishing house in the Nordic region, releasing 100 titles each year and with a backlist of 2,000 titles, 400 of which are in English. We are particularly strong in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, classics, education, fine arts, history, literary studies and science.


Based in Denmark, Aarhus University Press works with several of the leading distribution partners in the academic publishing world, including Ingram, Project Muse, JSTOR, Oxbow and ISD. This network gives us a global reach, ensuring the presence of our publications in research libraries and commercial sales channels around the world. Our growing involvement in international collaborations has resulted in co-publishing agreements with a number of prominent university publishers in the United States, such as Columbia University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Yale University Press and the University of Wisconsin Press. 

We collaborate extensively with scholarly societies, cultural institutions, open universities, schools and media houses to reach the wider public. Theatres rework our books as theatrical performances. We provide media houses, museums, labour unions and private companies, among others, with high-quality content. Similarly, content from our books is built into apps for smartphones and tablets, is used on websites aimed at secondary and high-school education, forms the basis of podcasts and radio programmes, and is transformed into lectures held at public libraries and open universities. Through these diverse partnerships, our publications have maximum outreach.

We have several titles on commission from other publishers, including the National Museum of Denmark, Jutland Archaeological Society, the Danish Institute at Athens, the Nordic Summer University (NSU) and the Royal Academy of Music. 

Popular publications

Among the Press’s most successful publications is the Danish series ‘Tænkepauser’. In this award-winning series, scholars present their academic research in an easily digestible form well suited for non-specialists. Since the introduction of these slender volumes in 2012, we have published more than 1.6 million copies in total. Since 2020, selected titles have also appeared in English as ‘Reflections’.


Incoming manuscripts are evaluated by different boards, professional experts and acquisitions editors. Please write to proposal@unipress.au.dk if you wish to submit a manuscript or a book proposal to Aarhus University Press. Ideas can be discussed with Director Carsten Fenger-Grøndahl, Editor in Chief Søren Mogensen Larsen or one of  our acquisitions editors. For questions regarding rights, kindly email Rights Manager Karina Bell Ottosen.

The Press

The Press began as a private foundation in 1985, aiming to promote the dissemination of research conducted at Aarhus University. In 2013, the Press became a limited liability company that is fully owned by the Aarhus University Research Foundation. Since 2017, the Press has been based in a very special building: the former head office of the internationally recognized Danish furniture designer and manufacturer Poul Cadovius, who devised the iconic shelving concept Royal System® and also designed the building itself. The Press also houses Videnslyd A/S, a radio and podcast production company partly owned by the Press, and engaged in disseminating knowledge through a variety of audio channels.

See our complete staff directory here.

Aarhus University Press is a member of the Association of University Presses. 




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