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The Nordic World

The Nordic World Series is copublished by Aarhus University Press and the University of Wisconsin Press.

In the Nordic World series, top thinkers from universities and other established research environments in the Nordic countries — Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland — explore the region’s history, culture, and values. Each title focuses on one of the fundamental features of these societies, collectively forming an insight into the structure of the Nordic world.

Future titles:

Social Trust in the Nordic World by Gert Tinggaard Svendsen & Christian Bjørnskov

Energy in the Nordic World by Mogens Rüdiger & Anna Åberg

Conflict Resolution in the Nordic World by Peter Munk Christiansen

Democratization in the Nordic World by David Delfs Erbo Andersen

Folklore in the Nordic World by Thomas A. DuBois

Anti-Corruption in the Nordic World by Mette Frisk Jensen

Pensions in the Nordic World by Jørgen Goul Andersen





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