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Consensual Policy-Making in the Nordic World

A part of the series The Nordic World (7) , and the subject area

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Thank you for your pre-order. We will let you know when Consensual Policy-Making in the Nordic World: is available for ordering on 31. May 2024.

115 pages
ISBN 978 87 7597 004 9



More about the book

About the book

This book examines consensual policy-making in the Scandinavian countries and shows how strong relations were built between the state and different interest groups in the early twentieth century. The preconditions for these relations are strong civil societies, strong unitary states, and high levels of trust.

Consensual policies nevertheless come at a price, and since the 1970s all of the Scandinavian countries have loosened their corporatist structures to pave the way for reforms.

Peter Munk Christiansen is a professor of political science at Aarhus University. Besides his scientific work he has been actively involved in national research funding and a member of several committees on political and administrative issues.

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MSc in Information Science. Karina is responsible for the development of international collaboration and the company’s appearance in foreign countries – i.e. co-publishing, making contact with distributors, sales rights and distribution of digital material. Karina is also responsible for social sciences and the development of the series The Nordic World, and she has worked for many years as an editor at Gyldendal Academic and the publishing house Ajour.

Karina Bell Ottosen


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