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About the book

This wide-ranging, multidisciplinary collection of essays represents the latest scholarship on Japan from the Nordic countries as well as other parts of Europe and from the USA, Canada, Korea and Japan itself.

The full range of contemporary Japan studies is covered here, from history, literature and philosophy to sociology, political science and linguistics. Within each discipline there is a rich diversity of offerings. Also represented are essays on the Korean language and on the Ryukyuan language.

Table of contents


Jørgen Bramsen, Korean Nominal Syntax with Special Regard to Nominative Constructions and the Various Functions of the Morpheme Ga
Steven Hagers, The Importance of a Korean Source on the Ryukyan Language
Mariko Hayashi, The Acquisition of Spatial Expressions by Japanese-Speaking Children
Benedicte M. Irgens, Subjective or Objective? A Comparison of Utterance Types in Japanese and Norwegian
Onishi Takuichiro, Diachronic Correspondence in the Conjugations of the Verbs of the Japanese Dialects
Reïko Shimamori, Spontaneity and Causativity
Yuko Yoshida, Lexical Accent Assignment in Standard Japanese - The Benefits of a Single-Pitch Analysis


Luk Van Haute, Young and Politically Incorrect: Ôe Kenzaburô's Early Marginal Heroes
Yôichi Nagashima, A Genealogy of Sokkyô Shijin in the Works of Mori Ôgai - From 'Translation' to 'Creative Writing'
James O'Brien, The Lyric Voice in Modern Japanese Poetry: A Few Considerations
Roy Starrs, Varieties of National Narrative in Meiji Japan
Lone Takeuchi, Marriages Made in Otogizôshi
Noriko Thunman, Mishima Yukio and Raymond Radiguet: Tôzoku and Le Bal du Comte d'Orgel

Culture and Society:

Lars Bonderup Bjørn, The Control of Danish Subsidiaries in Japan: Socio-Cultural Interfaces
Christian Morimoto Hermansen, Ninsokuyoseba - Or How Kamagasaki Works
Olof G. Lidin, Ri and Ki in Japanese Thought
Mika Merviö, The Mythical Construction of Tradition and Contemporary Japanese International Relations
Sang-Chul Park, Japanese Style Democracy
Leif Selstad, The Unique, the Ordinary, and General Lessons from Tokyo Urbanism
Takahashi Mutsuko, Applying Hermeneutics to the Studies of Discourses on Welfare: The Case of Japanese Welfare Discourses


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