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Africa Proconsularis

Regional Studies in the Segermes Valley of Northern Tunesia 3. Historical Conclusions

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About the book

From 1987 to 1990, in collaboration with several Danish research institutes, the Tunisian Institut National de Patrimoine carried out an extensive archaeological survey in the valley known as the Segermes basin, in Tunisia. The results of that work are contained in three volumes entitled Africa Proconsularis. This volume reviews the information and looks at the historical conclusions.

Table of contents


Prefaces par Boubaker Ben Frej and by Peter Ørsted


Part I: Introduction

1. Introduction
2. Segermes: chef lieu régional. Rapport preliminaire et perspectives
3. The Setting
4. History and Archaeology - Aims and Methods
5. Falbe's Visit to Segermes in 1838
6. Earlier Archaeolgical Investigations of the Segermes Valley
7. Settlement Structure

Part II: Infrastructure of the Segermes Valley

1. Centuriation and Infrastructure
2. Property and Production in the Segermes Valley during the Roman Era

Part III: Production and Population

Part IV: Conclusions: From the Ideal to the Real

The countryside
Population and production
Territorium and the outside world
History of the valley

Part V: Additional Archaeolgical Fieldwork

1. Les tombes rupestres (haouanet) du Jebel Sidi Zid
2. The Late and Neo-Punic Periods
3. Trade and Communication. The Pottery Aspects
4. Ksar Soudane
5. The Search for Centuriation in the Segermes Valley
6. Epigraphical Documentation in Segermes


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