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La Ceja de Montana - un paisaje que va desapareciendo

Estudios interdisciplinarios en el noreste del Perú

A part of the series The National Museum of Denmark ,

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500 pages
ISBN 978 87 7602 130 6

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More about the book

About the book

The book contains a Spanish section and an English section.

This book is third and last in a series of three focusing on the deplorable development in the ceja de selva from Rodriguez de Mendoza to Soritor (Moyobamba). The interdisciplinary research at the regional level  has shown how the natural and cultural landscape has changed dramatically over time, depending on the people, crops, and markets present. The forest with its biological diversity is disappearing fast along with the cultural remains from Pre-hispanic times.

Archaeological, ethnohistorical, anthropological, botanical and geographical investigations present a status quo on the landscape changes and many of the problems the migrating colonos face in their new environment. The book is also a reminder for regional and national governments to take serious measures before the fragile landscape of the ceja de selva has lost its unique characteristics.

Sanne Lind Hansen


MA in ethnography and classical archeology and trained at the Danish School of Journalism. Sanne primarily works with anthropology, archeology and early history. She is also responsible for foreign sales and commission agreements, and she was once employed at the National Museum (Antiquities).

Sanne Lind Hansen


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