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Chalkis Aitolias I

The prehistoric periods

A part of the series Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens (7) , and the subject areas and

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More about the book

About the book

"The prehistoric periods" is the first volume in a series of publications where the results of the Danish/Greek excavations 1995 to 2001 in Ancient Chalkis in Aetolia are published. For the first time ever, stratigraphically excavated deposits from the Final Neolithic, the Early Helladic, Middle Helladic and the Late Helladic periods in Northwestern Greece are published and presented in their proper scientific contexts. In addition to the archaeological contexts geological surveys in the area and studies in the fauna of marine shells and animal bones from the prehistoric layers are submitted. The results are supported by a series of C14 dates.

Table of contents

Preface, Søren Dietz, Lazaros Kolonas, Ioannis Moschos and Sanne Houby-Nielsen


List of illustrations



The systematic approach and the numbering system

Part I - The Bronze Age of Aghia Triada. A summary

Chapter 1

Studies in the Bronze Age of Aghia Triada. A summary, Søren Dietz and Ioannis Moschos

Chapter 2

Catalogue of contexts and finds from Aghia Triada (Area I) and the area west of Aghia Triada (Area II), Søren Dietz

Part II - The neolithic remains at Pangali

The site of Pangali, Mt. Varassova in Aitolia and the Late Neolithic Ib phase in the Aegean: social transformation and changing ideology, Theofanis Mavridis and Lasse Sørensen

Introduction, Theofanis Mavridis

The Pottery, Theofanis Mavridis

The chipped stone assemblage and the bone material, Lasse Sørensen

The animal bones from Pangali, Pernille Bangsgaard Jensen

Appendix 1

Shellfish in the stratigraphical context of Final Neolithic and Bronze Age supplemented by 14C dating, Kaj Strand Petersen

Appendix 2

The animal bones from Aghia Triada, Pernille Bangsgaard Jensen

Appendix 3

Radiocarbon dates on shellfish from Chalkis, Aitolias, Jan Heinemeier

Summary, Søren Dietz and Ioannis Moschos


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