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The Castellani Fragments in the Villa Giulia

Athenian Black Figure, Vol. 2

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112 pages ill.
ISBN 87 7288 618 8



More about the book

About the book

The vast Castellani collection of ancient Greek pottery, now housed in the Villa Giulia Museum in Rome, has been studied by several scholars, notably Paolo Mingazzini who published part of the collection.

A great deal, however, especially fragments and fragmentary pieces, remains unpublished. The aim of the publication of the Athenian Black Figure fragments is to make this important material available to all students of Greek pottery. Each piece in the publication is illustrated and described. There are a number of important pieces among them, and the fragments as a whole add to the knowledge of Athenian Black Figure pottery since the picture is distorted without them.

The first volume by Lise Hannestad dealt with cups: kylikes, skyphoi, kyathoi, and mastoids. The second volume emphasizes the closed vessels: amphorae, jugs, lekythoi, hydriai, craters, and dinoi.

Table of contents



Horse-head amphorae (nos. 1-6)
SOS-amphorae (nos. 7-8)
Nikosthenic amphorae (nos. 9-10)
Panathenaic amphorae (nos. 11-16)
Neck amphorae (nos. 17-39)
Belly amphorae (nos. 40-59)
Amphorae unsp. (nos. 60-68)
Lekythoi (nos. 69-81)
Jugs (nos. 82-104)
Craters (nos. 106-107)
Dinos (no. 108)
Hydriai (nos. 109-117)
Fragments of vases of unidentified shapes (nos. 118-270)


List of correspondance of registrations numbers and catalogue numbers

List of vase Painters

Press reviews

Charlotte Scheffer, Gnomon

"The study of fragments may be as important as the study of complete vases and it is therefore the more gratifying that this second volume [...] has been produced in such a generous and spacious layout."

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