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Essays on Plato's Republic

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119 pages
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About the book

'... there is something here to interest most Platonic scholars ... The collection opens with a fine paper by Lesley Brown on totalitarianism, already on my undergraduate reading list ... the volume ends with a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion by Lars Albinus of Katabasis in Platonic myth, drawing some fruitful parallels between the myth of Er, the cave, and the structure of the Republic.'
Roger Crisp, The Classical Review

Table of contents

Erik Nis Ostenfeld, Introduction

I. Political Philosophy:
Lesley Brown, How Totalitarian is Plato's Republic
Frederik Arends, Plato as a Problem-Solver. The Unity of the Polis as a Key to the Interpretation of Plato's Republic
Bodil Due, Plato and Xenophon: Two Contributions to the Constitutional Debate in the 4th Century BC

II. Rafael Ferber, Did Plato ever Reply to those Critics, who Reproached him for 'the Emptiness of the Platonic Idea or Form of the Good'?
Henrik Pontoppidan Thyssen, The Socratic Paradoxes and the Tripartite Soul
Erik Nis Ostenfeld, Eudaimonia in Plato's Republic

III. Science and Myth:
Eiríkur Smári Sigurdarson, Plato's Ideal of Science
Lars Albinus, The Katabasis of Er. Plato's Use of Myths, exemplified by the Myth of Er



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