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Forward to the Past

Continuity and Change in Political Development in Hungary, Austria, and the Czech and Slovak Republics

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About the book

These eleven essays by historians, political scientists, sociologists, and anthropologists establish a foundation for appreciating the political history of Central Europe that continues to play an important role in shaping the contours of democratic development in the region.

By examining the political landscape in each country, the contributors evoke the legacy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and bridge the gap between the two extreme images of Central European society.

Specific topics presented include the lost dimension of social movements and classes in newer research; the relationship between the concepts of "nation" and "state"; Austrian democracy; party system development in the area; the myth of Czech liberalism; the Sudeten-German problem; Slovak republic politics; regime change in Hungary; and the relationship between democracy and organized interests.

Table of contents

Introduction, Lene Bøgh Sørensen, Leslie C. Eliason

Social Classes and Democracy - Different Trajectories, Curt Sørensen

State, Nation, and Security in Central Europe: Democratic States without Nations, Heinz Gärtner

Post-1918 Austria: Long-Lasting Centre/Periphery Effects on a Political System, Gerhard Botz

The East Central European Party Systems: Linkages between Parties and Society, Attila Ágh

Democracy and Parliament in Czech Politics, Peter Bugge

Do the Expelled Sudeten Germans Hold the Key to the Czech Future?, Eva Hahn

Forward to a New Past? The Czech Historical Debate since 1989, Christiane Brenner

Past and Present in Slovak Politics, Tibor Pichler

The Political Anthropology of Régime Changes in Hungary, László Kürti

Hungary: The Transition to Democratic Politics, Bill Lomax

The Second Step: Democratic Inclusion, Interest Representation and Conflict Arbitration in Hungary, Lene Bøgh Sørensen

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