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From Forager to Farmer in Flint

A Lithic Analysis of the Prehistoric Transition to Agriculture in Southern Scandinavia

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147 pages ill.
ISBN 87 7288 742 7



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About the book

The transition from foraging to farming in prehistoric Denmark has been a topic of debate over the past sixty years. Michael Stafford contributes to this discussion via an analysis of stone tools from several well-known sites in Denmark spanning the transition to agriculture.

Results of this analysis are applied to several recent theoretical approaches seeking to explain how and when the transition happened, and a new perspective is synthesized and defended.

Table of contents

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1. Introduction

2. The Cultural and Theoretical Framework
2.1 The Cultural History: Setting the Stage
2.2 Theoretical Aspects of the Danish Transistion to Agriculture

3. The Flint and Flint Technology of the Danish Transition to Domestication

4. The Methodology

5. Site Analysis, Comparisons, and Trends Through Time
5.1 The Site Presentations
5.2 Site Comparisons and Trends Through Time

6. Flint Technology and the Transition to Agriculture: Analysis and Interpretation


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