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Grauballe Man

- portrait of a bog body

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243 pages ill.
ISBN 978 87 00 79655 3



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About the book

Grauballe Man was about 34 years old when he met his death. He died from a deep cut to the throat. His right shinbone was also fractured. He undoubtedly suffered a violent end - he was executed - and was then laid naked in a water-filled peat cutting in the bog.

Few finds from Denmark's prehistory enjoy the attention and interest afforded by the public and the media to Grauballe Man, who is exhibited at Moesgård Museum, south of Århus. With this book in hand it is not difficult to imagine a person of flesh and blood who wandered around during the first centuries of the Iron Age, long before Ceasar was born.

Arhaeologist Pauline Asingh of Moesgård Museum presents the very latest discoveries about Grauballe Man, his life, his afterlife, his bog and the interpretation of him and his time. In telling his story she brings prehistory dramatically to life.

Press reviews

Morten Ravn, KUML 2010

"[...] en spændende bog om Grauballemandens vej fra tørv til tolkning, og bogens 188 flot opsatte illustrationer giver bogen et indbydende udseende

"[...] en sand fornøjelse at læse."

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