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Images of Ancestors

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About the book

To achieve status in the classical world, a certain intimacy with one's ancestors was essential. By referring to the illustrious exploits and qualities of his forebears, a man could strengthen his position in society. If his origins lacked sufficient glory, he could construct a family tree and testify to its authenticity through the judicious use of portraits and legendary allusions.

In this volume, fifth in the Aarhus Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity, eleven internationally recognised scholars analyse ancestral representation in ancient Greece, Etruria and Rome. While some contributions address the artistic, social and political significance of given portraits, others address broader themes: true and false forefathers in the portraits of Hellenistic rulers, the question of whether women were ancestors in republican Rome, and how the Roman non-elite used funerary statues to acquire an ancestor.

Table of contents

Jakob Munk Højte: Introduction

Carla Antonaccio: Warriors, Traders, and Ancestors: the "Heroes" of Lefkandi

Kristian Jeppesen: Were Images of Ancestors Represented in the Maussolleion at Halikarnossos?

Bernhard Schmaltz: Griechische Grabreliefs klassischer Zeit. Beobachtungen zum Menschenbild des 4. Jhs.

Robert Fleischer: True Ancestors and False Ancestors in Hellenistic Rulers' Portraiture

Bruno Jacobs: Die Galerien der Ahnen des Königs Antiochos I. von Kommagene auf dem Nemrud Dagi

Marjatta Nielsen: "... stemmate quod Tusco ramum millesime ducis ...": Family Tombs and Genealogical Memory among the Etruscans

Stephan Steingräber: Ahnenkult und bildliche Darstellungen von Ahnen in etruskischen und unteritalischen Grabgemälden aus vorrömischer Zeit

Harriet I. Flower: Were Women ever "Ancestors" in Republican Rome?

Patrick Kragelund: The Emperors, the Licinii Crassi and the Carlsberg Pompey

Eve D'Ambra: Acquiring an Ancestor: the Importance of Funerary Statuary among the Non-Elite Orders of Rome

Jane Feifer: Ancestral Aspects of the Roman Honorary Statue

Index of Places and Names
Index Locorum

Sanne Lind Hansen


MA in ethnography and classical archeology and trained at the Danish School of Journalism. Sanne primarily works with anthropology, archeology and early history. She is also responsible for foreign sales and commission agreements, and she was once employed at the National Museum (Antiquities).

Sanne Lind Hansen


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Eva Winter, Klassische Archäologie

"Obwohl die Mehrheit im vorliegenden Band formulierten Thesen bereits anderswo geräusert wurde, bündet das reich bebilderte Buch zahlreiche Ansätze zum weit gefassten Themenkreis und bietet dadurch einen guten Einblick in das Material."

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