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In Search of a Language for the Mind-Brain

Can the Multiple Perspectives be Unified?

A part of the series The Dolphin (33) , and the subject area

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399 pages ill.
ISBN 87 7934 005 9

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About the book

What is human nature? How is language related to thought - and should the connection be investigated socially or biologically? Is external reality coherent or fragmented? What, if any, are the foundations of rationality, and how trustworthy are they?

Such questions have bedevilled thinkers for millenia. Contem­porary scholars have harnessed enormous resources to find answers, yet their inquiry is invariably constrained by the tunnel vision of academic specialisation.

This issue of The Dolphin seeks to establish common ground among the disciplines examining the mind-brain continuum. Among those meeting the editors' challenge to think outside the disciplinary box are Noam Chomsky, John Searle and Steven Pinker, as well as almost a dozen other important scholars from the fields of neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, cognitive science, literature, computer science and ethnography.

The implicit framework that results should help researchers in all fields locate the diversity of human knowing within a joint ontological perspective.

Press reviews

Jens Øvre, Litteratur.nu

"[...] den ambitiøse titel antyder [...] at forfatterne ikke gør det nemt for sig selv. Men samlingen løser opgaven og formår at kortlægge de forskellige positioner inden for feltet for læseren." 

"[...] et væsentligt bidrag til et stort forskningsområde [...]" 



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