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Interviews with Ali Pacha of Joanina

In the Autumn of 1812, with some particulars of Epirus and the Albanians of the present day

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88 pages ill.
ISBN 87 7288 840 7


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About the book

P.O. Brøndsted (1780-1842) was the father of classical archaeology in Denmark, and his writings won great acclaim all over Europe. He travelled in Greece from 1810 to 1813 examining the ancient cities of the island of Kea and the sculptures of the Parthenon, and participating in excavations on the island of Aegina as well as in Bassae.

In addition to his love for classical Greece, he had a great interest in the Greece of his own time, and in the Greek struggle for independence. The interviews with Ali Pacha included in this book show Brøndsted's interest and fascination in this great man. The meeting is vividly recounted, and Ali Pacha is shown to be a powerful and controversial despot, with political connections all over Europe.

Table of contents

Preface, Signe Isager


The Manuscript and the Illustrations

List of Illustrations


P.O. Brøndsted: On the Author's interviews with Ali Pacha of Joanina, in the autumn of 1812; with some particulars of Epirus, and the Albanians of the present day

Appendix: On Nicopolis (translated from Brøndsted, Reise i Grækenland, I, 235-36)



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