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Islamic Remains in Bahrain

A part of the series Jysk Arkæologisk Selskabs Skrifter (37) , and the subject area

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207 pages ill.
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About the book

The initial aim of the Danish archaeological campaigns in Bahrain was to look for settlements contemporary with the 'Hundred Thousand Gravemounds'. After the first few campaigns it was evident, however, that the island was such a rich archaeological field that investigation of all periods from the earliest flint-using culture to the later Islamic world was called for.

Among the Islamic remains was an exceptionally fine collection of Early Islamic pottery and glass recovered from the rubbish which filled up a well at the Barbar site where a temple from around 2000 BC was excavated.

These remains are published in this volume along with finds from the Islamic settlement at the Qala'a mound, especially the Islamic Fortress. The finds include pottery, metals, stone objects, jewellery, glass and coins. Additional chapters deal with animal bones found in the Barbar Well and Arabic inscriptions from the Qala'at al-Bahrain excavations.

Table of contents


Excavation History

Early Islamic Material from Barbar:
Details of Site
Glazed Pottery
Unglazed Pottery
Other Material

Medieval and Late Islamic Material from Qala'at al-Bahrain:
General Remarks

Details of Sites:
The Islamic Fortress
The Islamic Settlement (Town, Merchant Quarter, Sondages)

Systematic Approach:
General Remarks and Conclusions
Unglazed Pottery
Glazed Pottery
Metal Objects
Stone Objects
Jewellery and other Personal Belongings
Islamic Period Coins

Indian Figurine


Colour Plates

Concordance of Figures and Museum Numbers

Animal Bones from the Barbar Well

Arabic Inscriptions from Qala'at al-Bahrain Excavations

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