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The Lost Decade

America in the Seventies

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217 pages
ISBN 87 7288 377 4

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John G. Cawalti: 'That's What I Like about the South:' Changing Images of the South in the 1970s

David E. Nye: Declension and Renewal: New England's Shifting Mood in the 1970s

Robert Matej Bednar: Searching for an Old Faithful America: National Park Tourism in the 1970s

Robert Abzug: Love and Will: Rollo May and the Seventies' Crisis of Intimacy

Charles Bussey: Jimmy Carter: Hope and Memory versus Optimism and Nostalgia

Dale Carter: The Crooked Path: Continuity and Change in American Foreign Policy, 1968-1981

Douglas T. Miller: Sixties Activism in the 'Me Decade'

Nancy Graham Holm: 'Power to the People' through Television: Community Access in a Commercial System

Henrik Bødker: Popular Music into the Seventies: From Rock to Pop to Punk

Elsebeth Hurup: Images of the Past, Present and Future: Hollywood Portraits of Bicentennial America


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