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Mobile Bodies, Mobile Souls

Family, Religion and Migration in a Global World

A part of the series Proceedings of the Danish Institute in Damascus (7) ,

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259 pages
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About the book

Mobile Bodies, Mobile Souls engages the complex relationship between family, religion and migration. Following '9/11' much research on migrants in western societies has focused on the public and political dimensions of religion. This volume starts out 'from below', exploring how religious ideas and practices take form, are negotiated and contested within the private domain of the home, household and family. Bringing together ethnographic studies from different parts of the world, it explores the role of religious ideas and practices in migrants' efforts to sustain, create and contest moral and social orders in the context of their every day life.

The ethnographic analyses show how religious practices and imaginaries both enable engagement with new social settings and offer a means of connecting and reconnecting with people and places left behind. Offering a comparative perspective on the varying ways in which religious practices and notions of relatedness interconnect and shape each other, the book sheds new light on a comtemporary global world inhabited by mobile bodies and souls.

Table of contents

1. Moral Orders:

Recreating Conceptual and Familial Dimensions of Life

The Re-establishment of Meaning and Purpose: Mádri and Padre Muzhub in the Punjabi Diaspora

Demonic Migrations: The Re-enchantment of Middle-class Life

The Moral Landscape of Caribbean Migration

With Mame Diarra Bousso in Spain: Senegalese Migrant Women in Tenerife

2. Transitions: Generational Continuity and Change

'You want your children to become like you'. The Transmission of Religious Practices among Iraqu Families in Copenhagen

Learning to Pray: Religious Socialization Across Generations and Borders

The Sound of Silence: The Reproduction and Transformation of Global Conflicts within Palestinian Families in Denmark

3. Communitis of Mobility:

Constucting Networks of Kin Ties and Religious Relations

Band of Brothers: Spiritual Kinship and Religious Organization in Peruvian Migration

Field of Tensions: Sufism, the Republic and Evil Eyes in an Istanbul Women's Circle

A Method Whose Time is Due: Mysticism, Economics, and Spiritual Kinship in a Global Sufi Movement

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