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Mysticism and Cognition

The Cognitive Development of John of the Cross as Revealed in his Works

A part of the series Studies in Religion (1) , and the subject area

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299 pages
ISBN 87 7288 782 6



More about the book

About the book

This book explores how identities emerge, persist and change and which power resources are tapped in the course of this process - topics that are of great importance in academic and popular debates today.

The thrust of this collection of papers from experts in various fields is two-sided, cutting against both the post-modern view of identity as merely a shifting assemblage of images and categories marketed through the media and the view of identity as something fixed and rooted in primordial authenticity.

The contributors illustrate the dynamics of identification as performance and narrative, as power and meaning, and as an interplay between self and other, difference and similarity.

Table of contents


I. Delimiting the field of study

II. The state of theory of mysticism

III. Development in a general perspective

IV. Conditions affecting the credibility of evidence

V. Historical introduction to John of the Cross

VI. The conceptual development of John of the Cross as displayed in his Spiritual Canticle

VII. Mystical experience as displayed in the works of John of the Cross

VIII. An explanation of mystical states and mystical development

IX. Conclusion



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