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New Age Religion and Globalization

A part of the series RENNER Studies on New Religions (5) , and the subject area

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About the book

New globalised religions take two forms. Unlike new religions such as Transcendental Meditation, the former Unification Church and The Family, which are just a few of the recent religions to form networks of essentially identical communities around the world, the New Age beliefs discussed in this volume have spread without the benefit of any organisation or unified culture, and their more diffuse nature resists easy categorisation.

While some of the chapters in this publication consider aspects of the general nature of New Age religion, the remaining chapters are case studies which examine particular New Age beliefs, including the healing movement, the spiritualisation of money and the UFO, gnostic and goddess myths.

Table of contents

Preface Mikael Rothstein

Part I: General Perspective:
1. Prospects for the Globalization of New Age: Spiritual Imperialism Versus Cultural Diversity Wouter J. Hanegraaff
2. Globalization or Westernization? New Age as a Contemporary Transnational Culture Liselotte Frisk
3. Same Message From Everywhere: The Sources of Modern Revelation Olav Hammer
4. After the New Age: Is There a Next Age? Massimo Introvigne

Part II: Particular Cases:
5. Reiki: The International Spread of a New Age Healing Movement J. Gordon Melton
6. Homo Accumulans and the Spiritualization of Money Lisbeth Mikaelsson
7. The Gnostic Myth and the Goddess Myth: Two Contemporary Responses to Questions about Human Identity Ingvild Sælid Gilhus
8. The Myth of the UFO in Global Perspective: A Cognitive Approach Mikael Rothstein
9. 'Going Global from the Inside Out': Spiritual Globalism in the Workplace. Karen Lisa Goldschmidt Salamon

Index of Persons

Press reviews

Debra J. Jensen Religious Studies Review

"... well-written and accessible to an undergraduate reader."

Michael York Journal of Contemporary Religion  

"... this book offers a thoroughly engaging series of essays."

Adrian Ivakhiv Novo Religio  

"... it is worthy of the highest recommendation to budding scholars of 'New Age' studies."

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