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New Religions and New Religiosity

A part of the series RENNER Studies on New Religions (4) , and the subject area

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310 pages 2nd ed.
ISBN 87 7288 552 1

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About the book

Focussing on the situation in Europe, an international group of scholars present in this volume their studies on diverse topics ranging from Scientology, Buddhism in Poland, the Indian factor in New Religious Movements to differences in legal systems regarding the rights of minority religions. The volume will appeal to an international readership of scholars, students and professionals in the study of religion, theology, the arts and social sciences - and anyone else who is interested in this fascinating and controversial subject.

Table of contents

Part I: The Wider Context:
1. New Religions and New Religiosity, Eileen Barker
2. Secularization, Tradition and New Forms of Religiosity: Some Theoretical Proposals, Danièle Hervieu-Léger
3. The Emergence of New Religions in Eastern Europe Since 1989, J. Gordon Melton

Part II: Case Studies:
4. Enemies of the Faith: Rumours and Anecdotes as Self-definition and Social Control in the Baha'i Religion, David Piff and Margit Warburg
5. Buddhism in Poland, Tadeusz Doktór
6. The Indian Factor in New Religious Movements: A Religio-Psychological Perspective, Nils G. Holm
7. Religious Ritual-Hunger and the Quest for Religious Ritual-Sustenance: A Psycho-Cultural Investigation of New Age Participants in Berkeley, California, Valerie DeMarinis
8. The Future of the New Age Movement, J. Gordon Melton
9. Is the Charismatic movement a 'Catholic Fundamentalism'?, Danièle Hervieu-Léger
10. Danish Members' Perceptions of the Founder of the Church of Scientology, Merethe Sundby-Sørensen
11. The Faith Movement in Sweden: Some Data, Margareta Skog
12. What Does the Finnish Freemason Believe In?, Harri Heino
13. The Maitreya-Theosophy of Asger Lorentsen and the Shan-Movement, Ole Skjerbæk Madsen

Part III: Societal Reactions:
14. Channelling Information: The Stigmatization of Religious Studies as an Aspect of the Debate about the New Religious Movements in Germany, Martin Baumann
15. Hindus Old and New: Problems of Sacred Space in Britain, Malory Nye
16. Christian New Religious Movements: A Roman Catholic Perspective, Massimo Introvigne
17. Restrictions and Privileges: Legal and Administrative Practice and Minority Religions in the USA and Denmark, Margit Warburg
18. New Religious Movements and the Law: A Comparison between Two Different Legal Systems - The United States and Italy, Massimo Introvigne

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"There is something here for everyone in terms of interests and approaches." Frank J. Korom Religious Studies Review

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