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New Religious Movements in Europe

A part of the series RENNER Studies on New Religions (3) , and the subject area

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192 pages
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About the book

Stimulated by travel, mass media, and education, individuals have spent the twentieth century questioning organized religion and, as the end of the millennium approaches, many are turning to spirituality rooted in ancient practice, but modernized by secular experience.

In this volume, an international group of authors survey the religious and spiritual movements growing in popularity in Western Europe. They include theosophy, transcendental meditation, the Rosicrucians, Mormonism, the occult (including Satanism and Wicca), Jehovah's Witnesses, the Unification Church, Scientology, the Hare Krishna, and the Baha'i, among others.

Table of contents

The Dispersion of Unorthodox Religiosity in Western Europe: A Brief Empirical Survey, Ole Riis

European Receptivity to the New Religions, Gordon Melton

The Catholic Church and New Religions, Teresa Gonçalves

Confronting the New Religious Movements in Greece, Antonios Alevisopoulos

New Religious Movements in Italy, Massimo Introvigne & Gianni Ambrosio

New Religious Movements in Switzerland, Jean-François Mayer

New Religious Movements in the Republic of Ireland, Mike Garde

New Religious Movements in Britain, Eileen Barker

New Religious Movements in the Netherlands, Reender Kranenburg

New Religious Movements in Germany, Thomas Gandow

New Religious Movements in Austria, Friederike Valentin

Denmark and Scandinavia vis-à-vis New Religious Movements, Johannes Aagaard

Press reviews

"... covers an enormous range of important issues for advanced discussion." Frank J. Korom Religious Studies Review

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