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On the Track of the Thule Culture from Bering Strait to East Greenland

Proceedings of the SILA Conference

A part of the series Publications from the National Museum , and the subject areas and

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236 pages ill.
ISBN 978 87 7602 106 1

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About the book

The Thule Culture - the ancestors of the present day Inuit - never ceases to fascinate and spur archaeological and ethno-historical research.

As a tribute to the most distinguished specialist in the Thule Culture of the Eastern Arctic, research professor Hans Christian Gulløv at "SILA - The Greenland Research Centre at the National Museum of Denmark", a number of experts on Arctic archaeology and ethno-history have contributed with peer-reviewed papers to these proceedings. Two guest papers by emeritus professor Lewis R. Binford are included.

The papers address:

-origins and spread of the Thule Culture from Alaska across Canada to Greenland

-prehistoric and historic resource utilization and hunting methods

-landscapes, dwellings and hunting territories of the Thule Culture

-cultural meetings and transitions from prehistory to history

-the Thule Culture in its global context

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