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The Parsing System Palavras

Automatic Grammatical Analysis of Portuguese in a Constraint Grammar Framework

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412 pages
ISBN 87 7288 910 1



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About the book

The Parsing System "Palavras" is the result of a dissertation project carried out at the University of Aarhus between 1994 and 1999, and describes a Progressive Level Parser ('Palavras') and a Dependency Grammar for Portuguese, both based on the Constraint Grammar paradigm and embedded in extensive corpus research.

The text provides a thorough discussion of relevant issues in general and computational linguistics, while at the same time offering a fresh and empirically motivated view on Portuguese grammar. Morphology, syntax and semantics are treated, as well as a number of practical applications, covering corpus annotation, grammar teaching and machine translation.

All chapters are richly embroidered with examples, graphics and statistics, and a gentle progression of topics makes the book accesible to a wide range of linguistically interested readers.

Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. The lexicomorphological level: Structuring words

3. Morphosyntactic disambiguation: The Holographic picture

4. The syntactic level: A dependency description of Portuguese

5. The uses of valency: A bridge from syntax to semantics

6. The semantic perspective: Incremental semantic parsing (ISP)

7. The applicational level: Teaching and translating on the internet

8. Conclusion: The advantages of incrementality


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