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Pilgrims in Place, Pilgrims in Motion

Sacred Travel in the Ancient Mediterranean

A part of the series Aarhus Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity (15) , and the subject area

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287 pages
ISBN 978 87 7184 543 3

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About the book

Pilgrims in Place, Pilgrims in Motion: Sacred Travel in the Ancient Mediterranean brings together interdisciplinary scholarship on the connected poles of pilgrimage: the sanctuaries being visited, and the journeys to get there. Contributions investigate different concepts of place, community, social tensions and expectations of pilgrim behaviour; long-term meanings of place as embodied in memory and topography; mobility, migration and placemaking; connectivity and its relationship to pilgrimage. Individual chapters discuss shrines, sanctuaries and sacred places as well as journeys and mobility across Greek, Roman and late antique contexts, framed as part of a key
debate within the study of pilgrimage, the central tension between place and motion.

Sanne Lind Hansen


MA in ethnography and classical archeology and trained at the Danish School of Journalism. Sanne primarily works with anthropology, archeology and early history. She is also responsible for foreign sales and commission agreements, and she was once employed at the National Museum (Antiquities).

Sanne Lind Hansen


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