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Red-figure Pottery in its Ancient Setting

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About the book

What happened when Athenian pottery reached other cultural contexts and was absorbed into indigenous communities around or outside Greece? How did the various contexts influence the adaption of Athenian iconography and does the setting add to an understanding of how Athenian iconographic themes were altered or absorbes as they entered into new cultural contexts?

To highlight these interpretative challenges the National Museum of Denmark in 2009 stages the colloquium "Red-figure Pottery in its Ancient Setting" and invited a group of specialists to present cases from within their areas of research which would serve to enhance our understanding of the great range of the character and value of red-figure pottery and its imagery whether in local Greek, a colonial Greek, en Etruscan or any other indigenous community.

The various cases presented in these proceedings of the colloquium clearly demonstrate that this approach to the study of Greek pottery and its imagery has much to offer.

Table of contents

Mantle-figures and the Athenization of Late Classical Imagery

Herakles and his Attic Pillars: Iconographical Study and Socio-religious Context of the Four Column Herakleion

The Xenophantos Chous from Kerch with Cypriot Themes

White-ground Cups in Fifth-century Graves: A Distinctive Class of Burial Offerings in Classical Athens?

Late 'Apulian' Red-figure Vases in Context: A Case Study

Changing Contexts and Intent: the Mourning Niobe Motif from Lucania to Daunia

Boeotian Red-figure Vases: Observations on their Contexts and Settings

Elean Red-figure Pottery from Olympia

An Overview of Athenian Figure-decorated Pottery in Southern Italy and Sicily

A Heroic Emblem: The Cultural Transformation of the Panathenaic Amphora in Southern Italy

Vase-painting and the Narrative Logic: Achilles and Troilos in Athens and Etruria

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