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Ribe 700-1050

From Emporium to Civitas in Southern Scandinavia

A part of the series Jysk Arkæologisk Selskabs Skrifter (113) ,

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284 pages
ISBN 978 87 9342 352 7



More about the book

About the book

In 2006, Claus Feveile published Det ældste Ribe [The earliest Ribe], launching the publication series Ribe Studier [Ribe Studies]. The goal of that series was to make the core archaeological evidence from excavations in the town of Ribe between 1984 and 2000 accessible to the scholarly world and to give an account of Ribe’s special status in the archaeological landscape of Denmark and northern Europe.

Ribe 700-1050: From Emporium to Civitas in Southern Scandinavia is volume 2 in Ribe Studies. The main text here provides a comprehensive presentation and analysis of the archaeology of the town through to the end of the Viking Period. Alongside that, the book has a major topographical section which discusses West Jutland in this period and the connexions between Ribe and the hinterland of the town. In addition, a concluding chapter discusses the origin of towns in southern Scandinavia.

Press reviews

Ferdinand Opll, MIÖG
"Die Abbildungen allein strahlen eine Faszination und einen Reiz auf die LeserInnenschaft aus, wie man sich das für Publikationen eines durchaus hohen intellektuellen Grades nicht besser denken kann."

Helen Clarke, Medieval Archaeology journal vol 65.1
"Theoretically and methodologically, this collection makes a significant contribution, specifically for understanding the period before 1000, and more generally by examining the role of local communities in the processes of social complexification. It is of relevance to anyone interested in the history of everyday life."

Sven Kalmring, KUML 2021
”Författaren bör gratuleras till denna kunniga och heltäckande studie, som till sist inte ens saknar ett teoretiskt resultat – som bygger exklusivt på en exemplarisk presenterad empiri. Varmt rekommenderad läsning!”


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