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Romanticism in Theory

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240 pages
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About the book

A wide spectrum of critical approaches to the works of German, English, American, French and Scandinavian Romantic writers is displayed in these fifteen essays. Of primary importance to the contributors is the correlation between literature, art and theory in romantic writing; they also discuss the interstices between Romanticism and 20th century theory.

The chapters are grouped under thematic headings: Language and semiotics; Image, imagery and imagination; Dream, fantasy and the unconscious; and History and intertext.

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Language and Semiotics:

The Early Romantic Theory of Language and Its Impact upon Nietzsche and Foucault, Ernst Behler
'Transition Fossiles': Friedrich von Hardenberg's Conception of Transition in his Werner-Studien, Marie-Theres Federhofer
The Performative in Romantic Theory and Practice: On the Linguistic Philosophy of Coleridge and Humboldt, Angela Esterhammer
The Voice of the Mother: On Reading, Writing and Femininity in Romantic Poetics and in the Poetry of P.D.A. Atterbom, Otto Fischer
German Romanticism between World Literature and German Philology, Bengt Algot Sørensen

Image, Imagery, Imagination:

Hypervisuality in German Romanticism, or 'The Crystal Revenge', Alice Kuzniar
Images and Counter-Images: Quotations of Forms and Genres in Tieck and E.T.A. Hoffmann, Andreas Böhn
The Metaphysical Implosion: Reflections upon Reflections of Landscape in Turner and Wordsworth, Klaus P. Mortensen
Carl Gustav Carus and Landscape Painting, Diana Behler
The Overgrown Space: Romantic Imagination and Arabesque in Søren Kierkegaard's The Concept of Irony, Isak Winkel Holm

The Romantic Other:

William Blake and the Gothic Sublime, Ib Johansen
Schelling and the Unconscious of a Work of Art, Cecilia Sjöholm
The Erosion of Romantic Love: From Friedrich Schlegel to E.T.A. Hoffmann, Chenxi Tang
Dickinson and Whitman at the Crossroads: Perfection, Gender, and the Embryo of a Modernist Split Subject, Ide Hejlskov Larsen
Poétique du rêve et théories de l'écriture dans l'Europe romantique, Alain Montandon

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