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Science in Denmark

A Thousand-Year History

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608 pages ill.
ISBN 978 87 7934 317 7

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About the book

Science in Denmark takes the reader through a thousand years of political, social and cultural change in a Scandinavian country geographically reduced as national ambitions were rising. While the landmarks of Danish science are well-known with towering figures like Tycho Brahe, Nicolaus Steno, Ole Rømer, Hans Christian Ørsted and Niels Bohr, this up-to-date history of science in Denmark deals with much more. Science in Denmark: A Thousand-Years History is a remarkable testimony of how international trends influenced and were appropriated in a specific and welldefined national context. The authors present a fascination narrative of a complex history based on original research and rich in detail. This is the story of what science meant to Danes through the ages from early astronomical learning and the founding of the first university through the scientific revolution and gradual professionalization of scientific disciplines to an increasingly international and eventually global world of science.

In 2007 the authors received the prestigious H.O. Lange Award for Outstanding Science Communication for Dansk Naturvidenskabs Historie - four volumes published in Danish on the history of science in Denmark.

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