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Son of Spinoza

Georg Brandes and Modern Jewish Cosmopolitanism

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Thank you for your interest in Son of Spinoza: Georg Brandes and Modern Jewish Cosmopolitanism. The book will be released 11. February 2021. If you complete this form, we will let you know when the book is available for ordering.

Thank you for your pre-order. We will let you know when Son of Spinoza: Georg Brandes and Modern Jewish Cosmopolitanism is available for ordering on 11. February 2021.

288 pages
ISBN 978 87 7219 018 1



More about the book

About the book

Son of Spinoza sheds light on the interconnectedness between Jewishness and cosmopolitanism in the oeuvre of the Danish-Jewish intellectual Georg Brandes (1842-1927). Today, the historical tradition of interconnecting these concepts has largely been forgotten, although the construction of a somewhat synonymous relation between them became a key structuring element of modern antisemitism and later Nazi ideology. In this context, Georg Brandes–his writing and practice–stands as a crucial European cosmopolitan archive, due to the great influence he enjoyed throughout the European continent.

Son of Spinoza challenges the presentation of Brandes in previous research as a so-called assimilated Jew who distanced himself from Jewishness, instead recognizing Brandes’ own self-identification as a Spinozist cosmopolitan and his depiction of himself and other modern Jews as ‘sons of Spinoza’.

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