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Essays on Photography and Visual Culture

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218 pages ill.
ISBN 87 7288 787 7

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About the book

Current research into photography from a European perspective strikes a solid contrast to North American studies. This synopsis of Continental thought covers recent attempts to (re)write the history and theory of photography.

In assessing current research, the contributors argue that photography is the matrix according to which we produce images in the broadest sense, including imaginary ones. Major emphasis is placed on the reception of the image. In studying gender aesthetics and politics, the essays explore the connections between hotography and pornography, reject standard psychoanalytic interpretations, and incorporate new linguistic philosophical approaches to the medium. Death, memory, the traumatic, and photography's muteness towards the past are also discussed. A final essay assesses how the impact of photography will vary once a passive viewer becomes a user of interactive video.

Table of contents


Peter Larsen, Writing about Photographs

Aleš Erjavec, Visual Culture

Jan-Erik Lundström, Realism, Photography and Visual Culture

Carol Mavor, 'In Which the Story Pauses a Little': Clementina, Viscountess Hawarden's Home as Camera Box

Lars Kiel Bertelsen, It's Only a Paper Moon … Re-reading APOLLO Photography in the Light of Digital Imagery

Rune Gade, The Ejaculation Motif: A Discussion of its Iconology in the Light of Works by Andres Serrano

Berkeley Kaite, Man Meets Rabbit: Playboy and Atomic Age Anxiety

Henning Steen Wettendorff, The Visionary Gaze and the Photography of Christer Strömholm

Hubertus von Amelunxen, Reproduction and the Revenant Derrida and Genet

Mette Sandbye, Photographic Anamnesia: The Past in the Present

Régis Durand, What cannot be seen

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