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Teaching Brass

2nd revised edition

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149 pages ill.
ISBN 978 87 9883 933 0


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About the book

Teaching Brass thoroughly goes through different aspects of teaching brass players. First and foremost, the book is written for brass teachers, who wish to get a greater insight into the scientific foundation of brass educational theory and practice - an area in which it has previously been difficult to obtain relevant specialist literature.

Table of contents




The Laws of Physics and Brass Players

Analogies between Singers and Brass Players

Mouthpiece Playing

The Regime of Oscillation

The Oscillation of the Lips and the Embouchure

The Embouchure of the Singer

The Vocal Cords of the Brass Player

The Musculature of the Embouchure

Placing the Mouthpiece

The Acoustical Properties of the Embouchure

The Embouchure and Aerodynamics

The Brain's Control of the Physiology of the Brass Player

The Brain's Control of the Face

The Brass Player and Solfeggio

The Power of Imitation

Mirror and Echo Neurons

Respiratory and Aerodynamic Aspects of the Teaching of Brass

Conscious Control of the Respiratory System

The Physiology of Breathing

The respiratory muscles and their involvement with various methods

The Diaphragm

The Abdominal Muscles

The Intercostal Muscles

The Accessory Respiratory System


Lung Volumes

The Relaxation Pressure

The Size of the Inhalation

The Vital Capacity of the Individual

The Valsalva Maneuver

Articulation and the Valsalva maneuver

Valsalva and stuttering

Aerodynamics and Sound

Aerodynamics and Mouthpiece Pressure

Other Aerodynamic and Acoustic Aspects

Vowels and Timbre

The Psychology of Breathing




Breathing Exercises



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