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Translating Nations

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272 pages
ISBN 87 7288 381 2

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About the book

Translating Nations shows how the latest approaches to postcolonial theory cross traditional disciplinary boundaries and demand their reinterpretation.

Issues addressed in this publication of multicultural studies include the destabilized relationship between cultural 'centres' and 'margins'; the challenge to history writing posed by the rejection of 'grand narratives'; and, now that the violence of earlier cultural identifications has been perceived, the possibilities that exist to reconsider the formation of nationhood and the constitution of the state.

Table of contents

Prem Poddar: Introduction: Violent Civilities

Meena Alexander: An Intimate Violence: Crossing Borders, Making Poems

Graham MacPhee: Europe and Violence: Some Contemporary Reflections on Benjamin's 'Theories of German Fascism'

Neluka Silva: 'Gendering' the Nation: Literary Representations of Contemporary Sri Lankan Politics

Lars Jensen: Territorial Pains or Gains: Writing the Canadian Far North and the Australian Outback

David Johnson: The First Rainbow Nation? The Griqua in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Hans Hauge: South African and Danish Literary History from a Comparative, Personal and an Ethical Point of View

Prem Poddar and Cheralyn Mealor: Danish Imperial Fantasies: Peter Høeg's Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow

Mahesh Daga: Jati: Translating India

Caroline Bergvall: Performing Writing at the Cross-roads of Languages

Notes on Contributors

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