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Vegetation and environment in Nydam, Denmark, during the Iron Age

A part of the series Jysk Arkæologisk Selskabs Skrifter (65) , and the subject area

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48 pages
ISBN 978 87 88415 55 1



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About the book

In connection to the archaeological research of the warfare sacrifices in Illerup, Ejsbøl and Nydam, a comprehensive amount of pollen samples has been collected; that is both in connection to the artefacts found and in pollen series in the different bog layers. The collection of pollen has several objectives. First and foremost it is possible to describe the vegetational development which contributes to the determination of the geneses of the specific bog. Secondly, the archaeological find layers can be matched with the pollen series to achieve a relative dating.

After the excavations, work demanding analyses have been carried out in the laboratories. However, it is not until now with Else Kolstrup's publication of the pollen research from Nydam, a connection between the vegetational development and the warfare sacrifices has been established. Added to this is the description of the vegetation in the surrounding areas. The varied intensity of farming and the relation between land and forest are described in the research.

The scientific research is a significant supplement to the archaeological observations, thus, it is important that the results are published as quickly as possible. In this way the results can be added to the analyses of the pollen series from the other bog finds and for this reason we have chosen this separate type of publication.

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