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Byzantine Chant

Tradition and Reform. Acts of a Meeting held at the Danish Institute at Athens, 1993

A part of the series Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens (2) , and the subject area

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About the book

The contributors to this volume about Byzantine chant use different approaches to uncover the early development and transmission of the tradition, its constancy and permutations. Considerations include a recent attempt to establish a new date for the "Round notation", one of the earliest transcriptions, and an ethnomusicological study of a religious chant from the island of Zakynthos that may provide clues to specific features of medieval Byzantine intonations.

Other articles deal with aspects of Byzantine chants from the 12th century, through the fall of the Empire in 1453 and into the 20th century. Musical examples throughout the text underscore the authors' theories and illuminate the beauty of the medium.

Table of contents

Contents list in excerpts:

Foreword, Christian Troelsgård

Koukouzeles' Stricherarion, Jørgen Raasted

The Interpretation of the Old Sticherarion, George Amargianakis

The musical notation of the Sticherarion MS Vat. Barb. gr. 483, Ioannis Papathanassiou

The Development of a Didactic Poem, Christian Troelsgård

Summary: A case of survival of 13th-14th century melodic traits in an Easter chant from the island of Zakynthos, Markos Ph. Dragoumis

Some Byzantine Chironomic survivals in the tradition of Balkan Church Music: The case of Roumanian Orthodox Chant, Marios D. Mavroïdis

The "Exegesis" of Chourmouzios Hartofylax on certain compositions by Ioannis Koukouzelis, Lycourgos Ant. Angelopoulos

A way to the Transcription of Old Byzantine Chant by means of Written and Oral Tradition, Ioannis Arvanitis

Interpretation of Tones and Modes in Theoretical Handbooks of the 15th century, Antonios E. Alygizakis

Appendix: English translation of the 'Interpretation of the Tones and Modes' from MS Athos Dionysiou 570, Antonios E. Alygizakis

The Musical use of the Psalter in the 14th and 15th centuries, Panagiotes Ch. Panagiotides

Summary: The setting of verses for the Polyeleos from the maistor Ioannis Koukouzeles, Achilleas G. Chaldeakis

Summary: Ioannes Koukouzeles' "Method of Theseis" and its Application, Gr. Th. Stathis

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