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Constructive News

How to save the media and democracy with journalism of tomorrow

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158 pages
ISBN 978 87 7184 450 4


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About the book

Negative stories make the news. Drama and conflicts, victims and villains are our modern world. Or are they?

This revised second edtion on constructive news challenges the traditional concepts and thinking of the news media. It shows the consequences media negativity has on the audience, public discourse, the press and democracy as a whole.

The book also explores ways to change old news habits and provides hands-on guidelines on how to do so. Moreover, the book presents numerous examples from the author's ten-year tenure as executive director of news at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation where he led a successful paradigm shift in news production.

Constructive News is a wake-up call for a media world that struggles for a future, as well as an inspirational handbook on the next megatrend in journalism.

Press reviews

Kurt Strand, Kristeligt Dagblad

"Men heldigvis er journalistikken under forandring, hvilket DR's tidligere nyhedsdirektør Ulrik Haagerup giver mange gode eksempler på i Constructive News"

"Derfor er Ulrik Haagerups bog, hans institut og hele diskussionen om konstruktiv journalistik særdeles tiltrængt i et fag, hvor fornyelse og udvikling trænger sig på."

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