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60 pages
ISBN 978 87 7184 433 7



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About the book

Love is all around. A romantic cliché? No, a fact of human life. Just ask Anne Marie Pahuus, a Danish philosopher at Aarhus University. Love is essentially the closest, most intense relationships we have, for instance with our partners and children. Its wide range of emotions runs from erotic passion to friendship, from delight to torment. Love can conquer all, and it can bring life-long sorrow. Down through the ages – in a variety of guises ­– love has been the favourite theme of thinkers and artists, as indeed it remains to this day.

Søren Mogensen Larsen


MA in comparative literature. Søren works primarily with the travel books series Vide verden and the series Reflections [Tænkepauser]. He began his career as an editor at the Turbine publishing house, but a maternity cover opened the door to the university press.

Søren Mogensen Larsen

Editorial Manager

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