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Contrasts and Solutions in the Middle East

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This splendid volume provides an interdisciplinary overview of the Middle East from age-old enmities to discussions of current political concerns. In forty-four essays, an international assemblage of scholars, politicians, and experts address the problems of Palestine and Israel; Iran, Syria and Iraq; Turkey; and the Kurdish regions.

Concerned with questions of national, religious, or ethnic identification, the authors touch on topics from the definition of the "Middle East", the Salman Rushdie fatwa, the constancy of the Mosque as an institution, mass murders in Iraq, the role of women, the crises affecting the Assyrian Chaldean-Syriacs, torture in Iran, and the peace process. Comprehensive chapters chart the politics, ethnicity, and history of Turkey.

Table of contents


Introduction and General Survey:

National or Religious Identification seen in a Local and Global Perspective, Peder Mortensen

Universal Human Rights, Particular Cultural Rights and Peaceful Co-existence. Models for Conflicts and their Solution in the Middle East, Ole Høiris

The New Map of the Middle East, Faik Bulut

Rushdie, Fundamentalism and Politics, Lars Erslev Andersen

The Mosque and Fear of Fundamentalism, Anders Jerichow

History as Mythos. On the Question of Religious Language and Historiography in Middle Eastern Politics, Jan Hjärpe

The Muslim Woman - A Battlefield, Connie Carøe Christiansen & Lene Kofoed Rasmussen

The Middle East:

The Significance of Oil in the Middle East and North Africa, Meliha Benli Altunisik

To Get More Out of Less. Managing the Water Resources for Sustained Agricultural Production, Martin Hvidt

The Challenge and Predicament of Human Rights Violations in the Mediterranean Context, Ihsan D. Dagi

Israel - Palestine:

Human Rights and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Torben Retbøll

Created by the Enemy - Enemy Images as Nation Builders in Israel, Dag Jørund Lønning

Religion - Legitimizing the National Dream, Jørgen Bæk Simonsen

Two Movements of National Liberation - in Conflict or Peace Making?, Gert Petersen

The Middle East Between Agony and Progress Building a New Palestine, Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt & Jacques Hersh

The Transformation of Palestinian Civil Society and Its Role in Developing Democratic Trends in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Manuel S. Hassassian

The Peace Process in the Middle East - Explanations and Future Prospects, Ulf Bjereld

Israel and the Peace Process, Naomi Chazan

Iran - Syria - Iraq:

Iranian Fundamentalism - A Threat to the World, Maryam Rajavi

The Significance of Religion - Islam and Modernity, Andreas Laursen

The Alawites' Rise to Power in Syria, Mette Fenger

Nationalism and Geo-Political Circumstances - The Kurdish Problem as an Example, Sami Abdul Rahman

The Politics of Genocide From Iraqi Counter-Insurgency to Ethnic Cleansing of Kurdish Areas, Khaled Salih & Kirsten E. Schulze


An Historical Account of Identity Formation in Turkey - The Impact of Nomadism, Selahattin Erhan

The Assyrian Community in Turkey, Joseph Yacoub

The Construction of the Turkish Republic and Citizenship, Mümtaz Soysal

Turkey and the Middle East, Osman Faruk Logoglu

Republican Citizenship Facing the Challenge of Identity, Nuri Bilgin

An Imaginative Approach to the Problem of Turkey's Security in the 21st Century, Erhan Yarar

The Reality of Turkey, Sefa Martin Yürükel

Political Islam - An Anomaly of Liberal Democracy?, Elisabeth Özdalga

Turkish Media After the 1980s, L. Dogan Tiliç

Turkey in a State of Fear, Erik Siesby

Water Disputes and Ethnic Conflicts in the Middle East - The Case of the Kurds, Omar Sheikhmous

Alevis in Turkey and Europe, Mehmet Ali Ölmez

The Reconstitution of History and Continuous History, Ilhan Ataseven

The Alevis and Politics in Turkey, Helga Rittersberger-Tiliç

The Kurdish Question:

The Kurdish Question - its History and Present Situation, Kemal Burkay

The Kurdish Demographic Revolution and its Socio-Political Implications, Mehrdad R. Izady

Thoughts on the State and Kurdish Identity in Turkey, Baskin Oran

The Kurdish Question on the Basis of the North-South Contradiction, Dogu Perinçek

The Separation of the Kurdish People and Their National Struggle, Mehmet Bedri Gültekin

The Perspectives of the Kurdish Movement in Light of the Oil Strategies of the 21st Century, Orhan Kotan

Societal Security: A Solution to the Kurdish Problems?, Grete Bille


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