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Dynamics of Northern Societies

Proceedings of the SILA/NABO Conference on Arctic and North Atlantic Archaeology

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About the book

The prehistory and early history of northern societies - from the Palaeo-Eskimo pioneers to the Viking Norse Settlers - is unfolding through archaeological and historical research and through interdisciplinary studies including natural sciences. The more insight that we have gained on Arctic and North Atlantic archaeology the more we have realized how diverse and dynamic these societies were and how complex their histories are.

The proceedings of the conference represent selected and peer-reviewed papers from sessions dealing with: New approaches to dynamic analysis of Palaeo-Eskimo artefacts; Interaction with the environment; Dynamics of small scale societies; Architecture and social organization of space in Palaeo-Eskimo and Inuit contexts; Origins and spread of the Palaeo-Eskimo and Inuit cultures; Demography, death and burials; Living with things; Trade and exchange; and Focal places.

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