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on the edge of winter

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176 pages ill.
ISBN 978 87 7124 097 9



More about the book

About the book

Zachenberg on the edge of winter gives a unique portrait of the winter at one of the desolate research stations in the High Arctic. With his camera as the storyteller Mads C. Forchhammer takes us on a rare journey into the monochromatic winter period at Zackenberg Research Station in Northeast Greenland. His evocative and artistic black and white photographs portray the life of a rugged bunch challenging the high arctic winter when Greenland may seem dismal and perhaps even hostile to many. Tales of cutting through two meters of ice and launching a underwater robot and collecting the remains of the organisms adapted to the harsh arctic conditions are among several encapsulating stories of Zackenberg.

From the first family visits to Narsaq and Sarfannguaq in the early 1980ies, Greenland has become central in the professional and artistic life of Mads C. Forchhammer. Following a 3-year stay 1985-88 as a radiosonde assistant at the weather station Danmarkshavn, he became a biologist at Aarhus University and has since 1990 regularly carried out field work throughout Greenland. At all time, his camera has accompanied him. This book emerges from his passion to high arctic Greenland. Many of his photographs have featured worldwide in fine art photography magazines and web sites.

Press reviews

Lars-Terje Lysemose, Globen

" ... tager os med på en spændende fotografisk rejse til Nordøstgrønland."

 "Bogen er spækket med flotte billeder..."

" ... han [Mads C. Forchhammer] er også en dygtig fotograf med sanser for detaljer."

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