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Environmental Education in Denmark

- The Jægerspris Project

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121 pages
ISBN 87 7701 463 4

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More about the book

About the book

This book deals with the Jægerspris project which is a collaboration between the school and local government as regards environmental education and environmental improvements.



1.   Introduction

2.   Danish school traditions

3.   Danish educational research traditions and strategies

4.   A Danish approach to environmental education

5.   The Jægerspris project as a part of QUARK

6.   The idea and process of the Jægerspris project

7.   Actions in the Jægerspris project

8.   Changes related to the project

9.   Teachers' opinions

10. Pupils' opinions and attitudes

11. The Head teachers' opinions

12. The technical department of the Municipality

13. The structure and organisation of the local community

14. Conclusions and recommendations

15. References

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